Sunday, 8 May 2011

The train that waits for no man.

In the name of Allah.

Seems to me like this blog longs for an update.  *krikk krikk krikk*

After a wild week of me turning cuckoo with exams and deadlines, and now the start of a new freaking demanding module, I think I need to stop just for a little bit and focus on the thing that I like the most, dakwah. It's not like I'm secularising studies from dakwah or anything. It's just that after a month of hardcore revision, I don't feel that I have contributed anything. It's me at the edge of futur-ing.

Come to think of it, I can't even recall a time when I was not in futur. Please help yourself- give me a hyper-mega slap in the face! -.- With the brothers and sisters in Palestine crying and resiliently endevouring the evil clutches of Zionists, what I was doing all this while is to 'sit back, relax and watch the show'. Shame on me.

Ok, enough of me ranting. Back to business. :D

Last Friday, I was on a hurry to go to class. Upon the arrival at Finsbury Park tube station, there was an announcement made from the control room. I couldn't care less of what it was all about and had my earphones plugged in anyway.  So, I scooted to the Southbound Piccadilly Line platform.

A note - this is a direct train from Finsbury Park to my campus in South Kensington which takes about 45 minutes door-to-door per journey.

10 am is definitely a peak hour. A Piccadilly train was at the stop, with too many passengers. Not that I could not squeeze in. I just wanted to wait for the next train, for a free seat because there was not many people at the platform waiting. Yes, this is how it's like every day. It's worse if I have class at 9am because I have to be at the station by 8am. The horrible crowd. -.- You feel like a living canned sardine sometimes. So, I let the train off. Then, another announcement was made. Anticipating that it was important, I took off my earphones.

Piccadilly line train.
"There's no more trains at this platform due to Piccadilly line being partly suspended between Arnos Grove and King's Cross. If you wish to complete your journey, please proceed to the Victoria Line platform."

Saaayyy wwhhhaattt???!!

Just so you know, Finsbury Park lies between Arnos Grove and King's Cross.

Now, I fully understand the train analogy I learnt in usrah.

"Islam or His hidayah is like a train. If you wait and miss it, there's no guarantee that you'll be able to complete your journey. The next train might not just be there."

I guess that was how Zuljaushan ad-Dhabbabiy felt when he embraced Islam after Fath al-Makkah (the opening of Makkah). And this also reminded me of this verse from the Noble Quran:

"Recite unto them the tale of him to whom We gave Our revelations, but he sloughed them off, so Satan overtook him and he became of those who lead astray." Al-A'raf [7:175]


The moral of the story is don't wait. Do it now! Hidayah may come and go but sometimes they don't really come back. Kalau tak amik peluang, melepaslah. =p
Why so lazy? Do it now la~!