Friday, 20 January 2012

Rekindling one's passion.

In the name of Allah.

Would you look at that? That’s almost a year without an update. I have no reasons to give but that I have succumbed to my weakness of time management. O’ Allah, please guide this lost soul. TT_TT

Things have definitely changed. I might have lost my edge in writing. And reading even. However, these few weeks have taught me some valuable lessons. Lessons that made me strong(er). Lessons that made me want to change my way of thinking. Lessons that made me want to change my way of doing things. InshAllah, it’s for the betterment of da’wah and tarbiyyah.

After all, don’t all of us strive for what we truly believe in? As for me, Islam is the only belief worth striving for. And I’m going to stand firm with that. It’s time for change!

It should start from somewhere. And I believe writing is a good start for me. So that people will give you a smack in the head, if you don’t walk the talk. Please do! Every now and then, one needs a wake up call.

To start writing, you need guts. You need confidence. You need strength. It doesn’t matter if it’s a blog, a V-log or picture blog. You don’t have to be scared of not being able to write a good inspirational post. You just need to express whatever you believe in. It’s the belief that matters. The words (or ideas or pictures) will follow.

A song to share :D >click<

So, what have you got to lose? I’m rekindling my passion to write and read. And sing. And lots of other things too. And all that for da’wah, inshAllah!

Is it not worth all the seconds in your life if your belief is in Allah and His Deen? I know it does for me! I hope, you too! :)