Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The allegory of molecular cell biology - cell communication.

In the name of Allah.

There's just so much to study for the upcoming exam. But, I'm glad that it's not all about memorising ridiculous terms and abbreviations. That is, if you use the fikrah (way of thinking) of Islam.

Yes, in the lecture, Dr W relates this with the society eg, how we interact with our colleagues and all. To show you a closer outlook on this, we shall examine why cancerous cells become well.. cancerous.

Cells are pre-programmed to commit suicide or apoptosis. However, the signals that they receive; growth factors and etc prevent them from doing so. To put it simply, if you cut off these signals, they'll die. So, how does cancer arise from this? This happens when there's lack of signalling (read: interaction/communication) or even if there is, it's in efficient. It's not a disease but more to an "operational failure". Just like the popular belief, cancerous cells have uncontrolled growth and proliferation rate due to them, failing to give the correct response to the signals that they receive. They do not just stay at one place (in-situ) but goes everywhere in the body, growing within other tissues and disrupting their functions. The result is, fatal.

As I see it, dakwah requires us to work in a team. Even Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. started by recruiting Abu Bakar, Ali and others r.a.. And to work in a team requires a good communication between members and of course, the things we do are based on syura. We don't want to be the cancerous cells in a body, do we?

"Truly Allah loves those who fight in His Cause in battle array, as if they were a solid cemented structure." As-Saf [61:4]

I think the description of cancerous cells has already given us a clear picture of what's to come if we don't synchronise ourselves as a team. 

What say you?

More to come inshAllah. :)

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