Thursday, 10 February 2011

Kenapa saya berubah?

In the name of Allah.

A dear friend of mine wrote something on how he has changed and I think that would also be a good post to spice up this blog. Saya memang malas nak meng-edit layout blog ni - so, this will do for now.

Remember when I said "I used to have a blog and it went dead"? I think that was a foreshadow of what was to come. The last post was dated a day before flying off to the UK. Little did I know that I was going to meet up with this bunch of great abang-abang. I guess God made me stop writing all those nonsense for a reason.

To tell you the truth, I was one of those who pandang slack dekat geng-geng surau, kalau alim sket kira poyo, dengar nasyid telinga berdarah Mahsuri. Even when I first arrived in the UK, one of my friends changed drastically and "Kau ni brothers giler!" was one of my favourite lines to make fun of him. In case you don't know, brothers is the term used to describe orang-orang yang sok suci (in fact, memang suci pun!).

But I made quite a turn around, 180 degrees is just not enough to describe it. Back in KYUEM, usrah was a BIG NO-NO to me. Went to the first few sessions and then cabut.  It seemed to be some kind of weekly gathering with random stuff being shared. Nothing more than what you can get from googling on the net. Living alone in the UK might have made me realise that He is the only one you could put all your hopes on. It amazes me till now, kononnya nak lari la dari usrah bagai, tapi in the end, this is where I stand today.

Usrah - It's more than what words can describe. Be part of it and you'll know what I mean :)

The main point is (untuk orang-orang yang tak dapat point lagi, yes, you!=p) you have to grab the opportunity.  Kau mampu cakap yang esok kau masih hidup? Kalau mampu, sila lah! Ingat ayat ni?

"..Allah tidak akan mengubah keadaan sesuatu kaum sebelum mereka mengubah keadaan mereka sendiri.." Ar-Ra'ad  [13:11]

Agak hairanlah bila ada statement macam "Dah Allah buat aku macam ni.." atau "Dah nasib macam ni..".  But, that's the reality.  If you want to change, do it now! Don't hesitate.

However, it's not all sweet.  Your friends will start to question you. Come to think of it, biarlah dorang nak fikir apa-apa pun.  I'm doing this because that is my call for Him. InsyAllah you'll find better companions.  There are so much to tell with so little time to write.  I'm willing to tell about everything.  All you need to do is just holler me :)

Lepas starting point, boleh memecut!

The hardest part is always the starting point.  I know I was not alone. And you should know that too :D


  1. moga saudara tsabat di atas jln ini,iAllah...

  2. jazakillah khair. moga-moga inshAllah.